Schenck AccuRate Bulk Bag Unloader, Bulk Bag Unloaders supplier/manufacturer

Schenck AccuRate manufacturer and supplier of Bulk Bag Unloader, Bulk Bag Unloaders in The United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, The United Kingdom, Europe, India and South America.


SacMaster® Bulk Bag Discharge Systems also known as bulk bag unloaders, FIBC bag unloaders, and bulk bag frames are the solution in material handling for a variety of industries. Optimum design provides for capability of integration with volumetric and gravimetric feeders for a complete and accurate system to meter bulk bag supplied material.

SacMaster® Bulk Bag Discharge Systems offer bag tensioning, hoist or fork lift loading, height adjustability and patented "Posi-Flow" adaptive bag agitation for superior material movement. Dust containment system available.

SacMaster® offers three different modular components to meet the needs of your specific application. Fork-Truck Loading, Bulk Bag Positioning Guide for Overhead Hoist Loading, or Dedicated Hoist Loading.
  • PLC controlled "Posi-Flow" adaptive bag agitation.
  • Hoist or fork lift bag loading.
  • Bag tensioning and bag liner management.
  • Height adjustability, space efficiency.

View the SacMaster® Bulk Bag Discharging Systems Video

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